This info is for anyone looking to start up a business, grow their entrepreneurial skills or find mentorship and a great network of other entrepreneurs.


Kick is a virtual business incubator program which provides entrepreneurs with the best practices for building a lean startup. This program focuses on what’s essential to participants for their first six months of their startup journey.

As a Vancouver based program, Kick offers the ability to attend remotely, a small group enrolled in Whitehorse will be attending the of lectures, workshops and coffee chats at (co)space. This provides the chance to meet other participants, discuss learning, and further increase the course’s value locally.

The WHEN and HOW

The Kick program runs Tuesday January 19th, 2015 – Thursday February 11, 2016. It is a 4 week online/virtual program to help entrepreneurs find the clarity and connections they need to take business from the idea stage to a launched startup. You’ll have guided lectures two nights per week (Tuesday & Thursday evenings) and so it is intended that the course can also be completed by someone with a full time job.


The cost is $995. However, through the a local enterprise trade fund (ETF) approximately 75% of the costs can be supported if you have a registered Yukon business. The great people at the ETF office have indicated this is something they would be interested in supporting and are awaiting applications. This means individual cost is $260 with ETF support. **Note: you need to apply to ETF as soon as possible to allow enough processing time for this application.

Quick summary


Program date:
Jan 19 – Feb 11

Meeting times:
Tuesdays and Thursday evenings (6pm-9pm)

Registration link:
Registration for our Whitehorse group can be found here.

Funding support:
Application to ETF is recommended at minimum 10 business days before registration to be approved. Since ETF does not work retroactively you will need approval to support 75% of the cost before you pay.

If you have any questions or want to talk to past grads about their experience, please contact [email protected].

The Extras

Participants will also receive a free month membership at (co)space, the new collaborative shared open workspace.


Access to the (co)space community of self-starters will help further kickstart a new business through networking and productive workspace.


In addition, participants will have continuous access the network of KickX mentors even beyond completion of the course.

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